The Ultimate Tanners

The day has come and gone, and what a day it was. Classically Tanners blue sky, fluffy white clouds and sunshine. Over 500 participants of all ages, including many seasoned Tanners Marathon participants including David Young completing his 47th Tanners at the age of 67 years. There were also two twelve year olds with their mothers who completed the 10 mile event, a first for all four. Most grateful thanks to the organising committee and all those who helped; and thanks to all those who took part and provided such lovely company.


4th of July. A date when the UK has more to celebrate than those in America, and for the same reason! And now in 2010, far more importantly, the Ultimate Tanners. Yes, a day to enjoy and reflect on a massive amount of achievement.

50 Years !

After 50 years of inspiration, dedication and personal commitment, the Tanners Marathon will end on a high note. You have up to 2010 to enjoy and register your part in what will then become a legend. Get your certificates, contribute to a team and possibly a trophy. BUT, if you ever intended, or wish to do it again, now is the time.

The more the merrier over these last years. Bring you children and hope that they will in their turn develop similar experiences for the generations to come. These things do not just happen; special people make them happen.

The Committee have decided not to do a 50 mile course this year, but are instead putting all their energy into making the 30, 20, and 10 mile events as memorable as ever.