Entry Forms For Sunday 4th July 2010 - The Last One...

Entry forms are available for download from the bottom of this page, including the ULTIMATE Tanners in 2010, and should be sent to:
Alan Virgo, The Three Sycamores, French Drove, Thorney, Peterborough PE6 OPH.
Please note that 10 mile entry registrations are made on the day and start after the 30 milers have set off.


Entries must be on the official form, or a photocopy, and be in CAPITAL LETTERS. Entry fees should be made payable to "Tanners Marathon Association" and are not refundable.
All entries are at Entrants' own risk. All Entrants must sign the Entry Form.
There is no age limit, but a responsible adult, who must be named on the Entry Form, must accompany Entrants under 16.
Entrants will be issued with checkcards (not 10 miles) and a route description at the start. (Route descriptions will not be available before the day.)
Entrants should keep to the official route at all times and observe the Country Code.
Checkcards must be signed by a Marshal at each checkpoint and surrendered at the finish or on retirement.
Entrants retiring must inform a Marshal at a checkpoint or one of the Organisers at the finish.
Entrants must obey the instructions of Marshals.
Entrants may be re-routed from the 30 mile event to the 20 mile event, or retired, if in the opinion of the Marshals the Entrant would not complete either event within a reasonable time. (The Finish will remain open until approximately 20:00 hrs.)
Entrants may be withdrawn from the event if in the opinion of the Marshals their behaviour is dangerous to themselves or other people.

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