Certificates & Trophies

CERTIFICATES are presented for:

INDIVIDUAL Certificates are issued for in time completions of both the 30 mile and 20 mile events. NOTE: out of time completion certificates are provided.
TEAM Certificates are issued for qualifying team completions (minimum of 3 finishers) in the 30 and 20 mile events. These have to be requested.
TROPHIES are presented for:
ALAN BLACHFORD TROPHY (Individual) Awarded by the TMA to individuals who they feel uphold the spirit and tradition of the event.
COMPLETIONS (Individual) Can be requested for each accummulated 10 years of successful completetions.
YHA GROUP TROPHY (Team 30 miles)
CLUB TROPHY (Team 30 miles) For Athletic and Orienteering Clubs.
SCHOOL TROPHY (Team 30 miles) Entrants can contribute to the team by completing the 20 miles if that is the distance that they enter for if they are under 16.
SCOUT TROPHY (Team 30 miles) Entrants can contribute to the team by completing the 20 miles if that is the distance that they enter for if they are under 16.
20 MILE TROPHY (Team) Any team of 3 or more persons.


TEAMS may only be entered before the start, by ticking the box on the entry form.
TEAM MEMBERS will be all members of the organisation entered before the day (automaticentry) plus those changed or added on the day by registering at the start. All team members must be bona fide members of the organisation they represent.
ADULTS ACCOMPANYING YOUTH TEAMS (Scouts/Schools) do not count as part of the team for the trophy, but if there are three or more adults they will be considered a team in their own right as Supporters and awarded a team certificate if at least three finish in time.
FINISHERS mean finishers in time. Finishers after 19:00hrs do not qualify for team trophies.
MINIMUM SIZE of team to qualify is 3 starters and 3 finishers.
SCORING for all trophies is the same and is based on reliability, that is, only the number of starters and finishers counts. Generally one team beats another if it has a greater proportion of finishers, but larger teams get credit. The base rule is that a team with 100% finishers is just beaten by another with twice as many starters and one fewer than twice as many finishers. The score is given byS/(S-F+1), where S is the number of starters and F is the number of finishers.

WINNERS in each category are the teams with the highest scores. If 2 or more teams have the same score the winner is the one with the higher number of finishers. If 2 or more teams still tie then they share the trophy.


7 finishers-----8 starters-------score 4------------1st
4 finishers-----4 starters-------score 4------------2nd
11 finishers---16 starters------score 2.667------3rd
6 finishers-----8 starters-------score 2.667------4th

ENGRAVING of trophies is the responsibility of the winning organisation.

Team certificates will be awarded to any group, club, team or organisation with 3 or more finishers in time. Certificates should be claimed at the finish by filling in a form.